About the Artist


SPIRITWIND CREATIONS had its start in the early eighties when as a struggling college student I started constructing basic furniture for my apartment. As time went by, I began giving away my work as gifts to friends and family. From there I started receiving requests for custom designed pieces. SPIRITWIND CREATIONS began to evolve from a fulfilling hobby into a part time business. Working with my hands and creating works of art, photography, jewelry, sculpture and furniture truly brings me fulfillment in life. Few things are more satisfying to me than to realize I am creating something for someone else to enjoy. I am self-taught, and have enjoyed the challenge of working with different mediums and techniques to design and construct my art and furniture. The Texas Hill Country is an inspiration for much of my photography and sculpture and its native materials have given me a varied palette to create my designs.

I have been photographing for almost thirty years now and started with a fully manual Olympus 35-mm film camera. I shot primarily slides for over 20 years. I am now shooting exclusively with digital. You might say I have the Photographers curse, because my six-pound digital rig and accompanying thirty pounds of gear pretty much goes everywhere with me. My wife will not even attempt to lift my pack for fear of dislocating some vertebrae. Photography is one of my passions and I hope by viewing some of the images here, I can share with you some of the beauty and wonder of this world. ENJOY and SHARE !